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Business Valuation Services

While not a Certified Valuation Analyst or an Accredited Valuation Analyst (NACVA), or an Accredited Business Valuator (AICPA), Sylvester Scaletta II, CPA, has been performing business valuation services since 1999.

The valuations can be prepared from unaudited or audited financial statements, or from federal and state income tax returns. A period of six to seven years of financial information is required to obtain a good average. The financial information must be compatible to compare with the Risk Management Association data (Financial Ratio Benchmarks) that is released in the fall of each year.

Business Valuation reports are usually prepared for the following reasons:

  1. Gifting company stock from parents to children
  2. Stockholder Buy-Outs: Buy/Sell Agreements
  3. Estate Tax Purposes
  4. Divorce Settlements
  5. Employee Buy-Outs
  6. Life Insurance Policies
  7. Market Value to Sell Company

The reports are prepared for the specific purpose of valuing the company's intangible value, and cannot serve as a basis for expert testimony in a court of law or other governmental agency without further analysis and documentation. Separate appraisals must be obtained for real estate, machinery and equipment, and other tangible business property.

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