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On-Line Accounting

Cutting Edge Technology - Made Simple

Today's business environment demands ease, flexibility and accessibility to financial information. And that is precisely what NetClient CS provides. NetClient CS is Client Bookkeeping Solutions software, customized to your business, available on-line, 24/7.

It's as simple to use as 1, 2, 3...... Simply log on to your internet and

  1. Click the "Client Login" tab
  2. Log in using your personal ID and password
  3. Use your on-line accounting services

On-Line (portal) accounting has many advantages over traditional accounting programs that are installed on your computer.

Technical Support - If you are having a problem with your software, or are simply unsure how to process a transaction, we have the capability to go on-line with you, look at what you see on your computer, and in real time walk you through a process or correct a problem. And because we are familiar with you as an individual client, we are knowledgeable about your unique needs. You are never one of thousands calling into a centralized technical support center.

Software Updates - You automatically receive the latest software updates at no additional cost. Other software providers require the purchase of annual updates. Your monthly subscription fee to NetClient CS entitles you to all updates.

Data Storage - Many companies do not routinely and adequately backup data. NetClient CS provides off-site data storage, so you never need to worry about data loss. Every time you log into the software and enter transactions, your backup is updated. The site is secured with 128 bit encryption, which is equivalent to the security that banks use.

Cost Effective - Companies can pay thousands of dollars per year to purchase accounting software and maintain the latest updates. The annual cost of NetClient CS is equivalent to many off-the-shelf programs that do far less.

Access Anywhere - How often have you carried work home in your briefcase, or returned to the office after hours to finish up work? NetClient CS allows you access from any PC with internet access. So whether you're on travel, or comfortably at home, you have access to your information wherever you have internet service, to finish up work, run reports, or monitor your business while away from the office.

These are some of the many reasons more companies are switching to on-line accounting. If you are considering on-line accounting, call us to find out how NetClient CS can work for you!