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Client Bookkeeping Solution

Many businesses purchase off-the-shelf accounting software then struggle to make it work for them, often with less than satisfactory results. We believe there is no "one size fits all" software. That's why we encourage businesses to use Client Bookkeeping Solution accounting software.

Accounting CS is an easy-to-use modular bookkeeping software system that's customized to your business. We analyze your accounting needs then customize the software to suit you. Our software simplifies bookkeeping so you can spend less time on accounting and more time on your business. Best of all, when you need customer support, you talk to us, not an automated voice system or someone from overseas.

Accounting CS has the added advantage of being available "on-line" as NetClient CS. On-line access to your accounting software allows you greater flexibility in operating your business. It also enables you to provide your financial data to us more timely for us to prepare financial statements, reports and tax returns. Because you provide us with timely information we can provide more timely, therefore, more useable, information to you.